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How much do DJ’s cost?

The first question most DJ’s and performers get isn’t how many gigs have you done or what type of gear do you have? The most common question DJ’s and performers are asked is how much do you charge? This might seem like a basic question but in reality it is more complex than providing a simple hourly rate. Each event is completely different with different requirements and needs from the type of event to the gear required.

If you are reading this article then, I assume you want a quick answer to what the price of a DJ is in Perth, Australia. The quick answer for how much a DJ costs with no equipment for a 5 hour function is anywhere between $400 - $600 depending on who you get. The going rate for resident DJ’s in bars and nightclubs are anywhere between $80-$100 just for the DJ with no equipment booked directly.

If you are looking for a DJ with a full setup which includes speakers, lighting, and DJ decks, it will cost you anywhere between $500-$1500 for the night. If your event is a wedding this might cost more as usually weddings require the DJ to MC as well which is a different skill altogether. This price sometimes also includes a pre event meeting with the DJ.

That was the quick answer, however, as I said previously its not as easy to really give an accurate price for DJ’s or how much you should be spending. Each event is completely different and while hourly figures can be consistent without equipment, when equipment is involved the price tends to sky rocket. Lets break down some average costs if you were to hire everything the DJ has to bring. Here is a rough guide to how much everything costs individually on a per night basis without delivery, setup, pack down and pick up costs

Speakers $100

Lighting $150

DJ Decks $250

Smoke Machine $50

Already you have accumulated $550 worth of hire equipment and that doesn’t include setup, pack down or delivery costs. If you were to factor labour setup and pack down costs you are looking at around $800 before hiring the DJ themselves.

Let’s not forget the quality of the performer themselves. You can always put on a good 80s spotify playlist and call it a night but if you get a good DJ that can read a diverse crowd and change the music depending on the direction of the crowd, it can make all the difference. It is always up to the consumer to understand what they are purchasing when they hire a DJ and ensure they are not hiring someone who doesn’t have experience or decent equipment to adequately service your event. Entertainment can make and, certainly break your event, so if you come across a quotation that is less than $500 a night with equipment, I would be extremely sceptical about who you are booking. These individuals are either desperate for gigs (which is never a good sign), don’t have much experience or don’t have decent equipment.

Weddings are always a costly event no matter who you are or the scale of the event. Wedding DJs can usually fetch more money from wedding clients for two reasons, the first is that wedding clients usually wants the DJ to perform MC duties which increases the price as it is another skill and more responsibility the DJ has to take on. The second reason, is most brides want their wedding to be perfect, so they are happy spending a little bit more money on a decent DJ opposed to hiring a new and inexperienced performer.

Overall when you start booking your DJ and you are looking at prices, the bottom line quotation is not the only factor you should be taking into account when booking your DJ. You should do your research on social media and reviews and find out what their setup looks like, their experience and previous performances they have done. This ensures you get the best possible entertainment, equipment and event experience. If you are interested in finding out how much it will cost for a DJ for your event why not give Spire Entertainment an email and we can make your dream event come to life.

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