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Planning for an event during COVID-19

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives forever economically, politically and socially. No industry has been hit harder than the events industry, it is the first to fall and it will be the last to rise again. With restrictions starting to ease and people beginning to return to work there is hope for event managers wishing to get on with creating memorable experiences for their guests. In the meantime, there are several things you can do to make planning an event easier for when the time does come to start putting on your event.


Event companies are doing it tough at the moment and doing whatever they can to stay afloat financially. Some of these companies have temporarily shut their doors while others are operating with skeleton crews. Now is the perfect opportunity to obtain quotes for your event because these companies are desperate for income. Even if you do not have a date for your event yet, you can still get a quotes for your event so you can work out your budget. If you know how to haggle their are some great deals you can get on event services at the moment especially if you are holding a less than 100 person event.

In saying this though it is highly possible that some companies may also take another direction when quoting. They may not offer any discounts to you as they may not be in any financial position to offer discounts and reduction of pricing. It will be up to you decide which company can get you the best deal while not reducing the quality of your event. While it is good to try and get the best bang for your buck, keep in mind that these companies are in dire straits and may not appreciate you haggling. Be understanding and don't take offense if they don't offer you a discount. Some battles you will win and some you will not.


Best estimates are that all restrictions will be lifted by August-September unless there is another spike. Even with relaxing of social distancing, a stronger emphasis has been placed around health and safety. How does this affect events? As most non concert events usually hold anywhere from 100-2000 people, the collection of this amount of people in any one space makes it much more likely that infections, disease and viruses can spread. As event planners, safety is the number one concern meaning that we will start to see most events providing complimentary sanitiser and possible patronage restrictions in small areas.

Festivals and outdoor event toilets are always a dreaded experience for everyone. We can all agree that nobody looks forward to using portable toilets when nature calls due to the high volume of human traffic, and their unclean nature. Most of us males would prefer to use the bushes sometimes because they are that bad. With portable toilet hire we can expect to see prices increase as health standards and the requirement for more cleaners for these facilities increases. Whether the government introduces new regulatory legislation or because its the ethical practice to ensure the health of its patronage, I believe their will be a greater emphasis on clean bathroom facilities and socially acceptable mask usage at these events.

Excess Money

If you are fortunate enough to be working during COVID-19 then you are lucky enough to still have a reliable income. With this reliable income, this means that you can save money as you are not eating out as much, not socialising and in general not spending as much money due to the restrictions. Unless you are like me and discovered a love for online shopping and online bargain hunting. If you have been smart with your time and money, then you should have been able to save a bit of money during COVID-19 and what you can do is invest this money in your event. If your event is a for profit public event or charity event you can devote these funds to online promotion for your event which will increase sales of your tickets. You can also devote these funds to enhance the quality of your event such as additional theming, and audio visual.

Staying Connected

If you cancelled your event during COVID-19 many people might be lost in the dark when you let your facebook & instagram accounts go silent. It is imperative that you continue to post and stay connected with your guests of your cancelled events. If you hold a yearly event then people might be wondering if the event will come back in the future. It is pretty obvious to most people that all events are cancelled but people still wonder if the event will make a return in the future. Reassure and stay in touch with your event support base.

If you are planning an event for post COVID-19 maybe we can help? If you are looking for event management services or entertainment then reach out to us! Click here to find out more about how we can assist in planning your event

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